Answers to Your Questions About Our Community

What Makes a Live Jesus! Community Different From Other Organizations That Exist in Parishes Today?

Majority of parish-based organizations are chartered for one purpose. It may be for prayer, outreach, bible study, fellowship, personal faith formation, or parish support.

Members of a Live Jesus! community, on the other hand, are committed to three purposes. These are studying the Catholic faith, sharing their belief, and serving the needy in their quest to spread the joy of the Gospel.

Who Can Join a Live Jesus! Community?

Anyone can join. Our members do not necessarily belong to the same parish. Each community is formed based on any common denominator, be it convenient meeting time or date.

Is Attendance at an Annual Meeting a Prerequisite to Joining a Live Jesus! Community?

No. Everybody is welcome!

How Long Is My Commitment?

Once you join a community, we ask that you remain in the group for an entire unit. We hope that you will build relationships with your comembers as you grow in your faith and share the joy of the Gospel.

You may remain with that group indefinitely. However, you may have to transfer to another group as your schedules and life situations change, or life may dictate that you drop out of the peer group for any given four-month cycle and that’s alright.

Can I Change Groups If I Have Schedule Conflicts?

Yes. We understand that from time to time, life gets in the way of our plans and commitments.

If another community schedule better fits your schedule, contact us at We will help you join another community either on a temporary or permanent basis.

What Is a Facilitator?

A facilitator helps keep things organized in a community. He/she also makes sure your conversations are productive.

We recommend two co-facilitators for a successful group— one to manage schedules, keep time, and make sure members come prepared, and the other to facilitate discussions and lead everyone through each session. However, if you’d rather have one moderator take on both roles or switch moderators, that’s alright too.

Why Is Confidentiality So Important?

The goal of Live Jesus! Communities is to create a safe environment to share our Catholic faith, learn, and grow together. Confidentiality is critical because members are not going to feel comfortable sharing their issues if they don’t trust everyone in the group.

Start your group by talking about the importance of confidentiality and coming up with guidelines that everyone agrees on. Our recommendation is to practice strict confidentiality.

Why Small Groups?

Studies show we achieve more in groups than we do as individuals. That is why we decided to create communities, so you can learn from and support others on your journey to improving yourself.