Welcome to Live Jesus! Communities

St. Francis de Sales’ approach to Living Jesus is centered on relationships and ordinary acts of love. He calls us to do the ordinary extraordinarily well. To simply … Live Today Well.

Begun in 2004, Catholics from the Arlington Diocese and the Washington Archdiocese interested in exploring Salesian Spirituality gathered during Lent for a morning of fellowship, prayer and reflection at a meeting called Live Jesus! Over the years attendance has grown and now, nearly 1,000 gather each March for this event.

Salesian spirituality bears the name of St. Francis de Sales (1567 1622); but it is more than simply the vision of one man who lived in the late 16th/early 17th century. Often called the spirituality of the laity, Salesian spirituality is easily incorporated into daily life. The secret of the Salesian tradition’s unique contribution to spirituality is it’s a practical, down-to-earth way of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ; it can be lived in the state and stage of life in which you find yourself.live jesus communities group locations map

As an outgrowth of the annual meeting and in response to participants' desire to learn more about Salesian spirituality, a new ministry was formed in 2013 - Live Jesus! Communities. Today, several communities exist and more are forming.

Based on the practical counsel of St. Francis deSales, the purpose of Live Jesus! st-francis-desales-cloud-art-quoteCommunities is to spread the joy of Jesus through how we live our normal daily lives, by our good example rather than by preaching, challenging, and confronting others.

Live Jesus! Communities are small peer groups of up to 8 members that meet monthly to study, serve and share together. Why small groups? Studies show we achieve more in groups than we do as individuals.

Live Jesus Communities Unit Cycles

The Communities meet year round and base their activities on the theme presented at the March Live Jesus gathering. For example, the theme for Live Jesus 2017 was Salesian GPS – Gentleness, Patience and Simplicity. The Live Jesus! Communities explored this theme by looking at ways to be agents of peace in our troubled world.

The year is segmented into three cycles of four months each. Each cycle begins with a large group gathering. During the second and fourth month of each four-month cycle, the small groups gather to pray, study and faith share. These meetings can be held at a member's home or in a public place such as a restaurant or coffee shop. During the third month of each cycle, members participate in a service project. While members of the small groups may choose to participate in a project with their own group, they may also choose projects that draw members from among other small groups.

Group members need to commit to 1) participation, open and honest communication, and confidentiality; 2) actively supporting service projects; and 3) attending the large group meetings.

A facilitator or group leader is assigned to each group. Everything needed to conduct the meeting is provided to the facilitator: agendas, opening prayers, discussion guides, service project options and more. Group members are provided with study pamphlets for use in the discussion periods.

To join an existing Community, simply register here or to start a new group contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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